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The Grey Label would love to cordially invite you to it's BIGGEST Grand opening yet in our new Charlotte location

The Grey Label is a clothing line for the everyday sohisticated and sexy women. This brand helps create the true meaning of self love within women.The Grey Label helps bost your confidence and make you feel good about yourself and making them feel and look like they just stepped off a runway with high quality beautiful clothing without breaking the bank.Come join our Grey Label family at our grand opening of our new location in Charlotte North Carolina on this coming Saturday at 12:00pm to 6;00pm and experince where sexy confidence and fashion meet. You will not want to miss such an amazing time shopping and getting to know other amazing and beautiful women. .

The Image that was choosen for the Grey Label was the silhouette of a curvey women. We want to keep it simple because some women are not always that confident and like the skin that they are in, including me that is the reason behind the clothing line in the first place. This image shows that beauty is skin deep and although these clothes are deigned to build your confidence, its also important to understand the beauty and self love that is already within.This image bring a new found confidence to everyday women. It doesnt matter who you are, whether you are a women with a nine to five a in college this clothing line will provide you with everything that you need.

There are many fun activties that will be going on at our Charlotte Grand opening such as: